October and November are fast approaching and we're only half way through our intended release list. Our most recent release, Isobelle Pascha's World Safari, has now been made available on Kindle on Hardcover copies of the book are still available but physical copies are limted release.

Next month will see the release of Candlelands book one, also available in easy to download Kindle format. Each Candlelands book contains three short stories, all set in the bizarre and beautiful Candlelands universe. Book one's stories include: Sent the Coventry, The Ladies Take Over the House and Art for Art's Sake.

The Candlelands' universe exists in that unique space that is just one invisible step to the left of real life, where strange and magical things can and usually do happen.

7174 Prelude is also about to drop. Physical copies, once again, will be made available on limited release and digital downloads of this book will also be made available via in the near future. The 7174 Prelude is a lead up to the ongoing 7174 Adventure series, comics anthology. Stay tuned for dates, coming soon.

ashley wood