SDCC Thursday

Wow, Thursday could be perhaps the busiest day at SDCC ever and ever is a long time if you consider that we first attended in 1995! SDCC just gets bigger and better every year and this year is no exception, early morning line ups of attendees numbered in the thousands.

People always talk about the fandom and the big glitzy announcements when they talk about SDCC, after all it is the biggest pop culture event of the year, bar none! But those of us who've been doing this for awhile also realize that SDCC is also about much, much more. It's a mass gathering of friends, people who get to meet up with old friends face to face but once a year and people who are there to meet new friends, some just made over the internet the year before. It's a come one and come all event, just there to celebrate that which makes us happy and nothing more.

Ash had an impromptu signing just before lunch at the IDW booth and really enjoyed meeting lots of 3A members, many of whom we knew by their online handles only until today. Also he's had a chance to catch up with many old and treasured friends some who have travelled from as far away as Europe (and like us from Australia) and beyond.

We'll try and post some more photos tomorrow, today was particularly busy and so we've had no time to upload. If any signings come up, the schedule is floating this year, we'll post the information here. Stay Tuned.
ashley wood