Claire Wendling

I dont often mention other artists or their stuff on my blog, but I must mention Claire Wendling's new book Daisies published by Editions Soleil. It has so much great drawings in it it might erk on the side of illegal, plus it has one of the greatest Octopus drawings ever in it, I mean cmon thats worth the price of the book right there!...
Im not sure the best place to get it, but im sure Amazon France would be a good place to start !

I must also mention ( coz im damn proud to have been asked ) my preface/introduction that resides in the book, I still question why I was asked, but Im not complaining, to write an intro for one of my favorite artists is a great moment, and I had to brag about it !

back to work for me !

oh yea, Even Claire suffers at the hand of my blurry phone cam photos !
ashley wood