Coming At You This Week EXCLUSIVES!!!

Hello, my name is T.P., I reintroduce myself about this time every year when I take a hold of the reins here at the Bambaland blog. Which basically means only one thing folks - yep it's time for SDCC once again.

This year Ash is appearing as a special guest of the world's largest pop culture convention/happening and so we've decided to really go all out and blog like we've never blogged before!! We've even taken care of our data needs in advance so that there will be less lag and waiting time between updates and posts than in previous years.

We first attended this event in 1995 and since then we have seen SDCC change from what was an oversized comic book convention to a major pop culture calendar event. In 1995 there was one large convention hall and you could actually move up and down the aisles without having to call a fire marshal and today as most of you know the event is four gazillion football fields in length and attracts 150,000 visitors plus.

That said, we know that not everyone can attend and that many of those who don't get to attend would give anything to be at SDCC this week and so since Ash is a guest this year we are going to attempt to try and blog this event like you're actually there. - (with an exclusive backstage pass in your hand of course!) (No pressure Ash!!)

So stay tuned if you're interested in any of the following:

  1. Panel photos and schedules (Ash is appearing on 4 panels this year)
  2. Exclusive announcements - books, art, toys, movies
  3. Ambient crowd shots (who was that masked man?)
  4. Celebrity photos (Not including the guy in the Voltron suit - sorry!)
  5. And lots of other things that you would usually see if you were actually there!

I want 6000 members this week due to my awesome live sdcc coverage!
ashley wood