Designer Toy Award Madness!!

Thank you so much for all of the Designer Toy Award nominations ThreeA received this year, we were so happy just to be nominated in amongst such a super talented field of individuals that it would have been enough if a nomination was all, but...

We won!

Congratulations to all of the staff and crew at ThreeA Toys on winning Manufacturer of the year, I know how hard you guys work and how much effort goes into creating each and every toy.

Thank you to the designer toy community also for the Artist of the Year award, it means a lot and given the amount of talent that's out there in the toy industry, (and knowing that the business is hardly a simple one), I'm honored.

Congratulations to all of the other winners and also to the DTA's for finally bringing to life an event that shines a light on and promotes the designer toy industry.

ashley wood