Thursday Catch Up


Hi Everyone - T.P. here with an update for all of you who will be following the Re-Venture crowd this weekend!

Re-Venture is about to hit the ground running, with mere hours left until opening time we are all really excited and raring to go. Since this is Ash's personal blog we will be posting all of the relevant info and updates on the Hong Kong Re-Venture blog. Follow this link for all of the breaking news, photos and updates.

We ask all of you who have been lining up well in advance of opening to be respectful towards our security staff. They're not trying to mess with your experience, it's just a fire and public safety hazard to have so many people sleeping out on the street. Your hotel pillow loves you and promises you sweet dreams - unlike the pavement.

Prints And Art

Ash and I are currently gearing up for two events, The Book Show at the Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris and then a major exhibition taking place at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. We will be attending the Paris gig in spirit and we wish everyone at the Daniel Maghen Gallery all of the success for that show. Ash and I have been aware for sometime that our prints are harder to come by in Europe due to inport duties etc. So I am proud to announce that we will be creating an Ashley Wood print exclusively for the Daniel Maghen gallery sometime in the near future. Follow the link to the gallery website for info on The Book Show and keep it here for updates on the exclusive Paris print.

Thank Yous!!

And in closing, I would just like to thank the crew from Circle of Confusion, CAA and all of our assocs in L.A. Ash and I made it into the entertainment press again there this week. Thank you guys for all of your hard work.

Thank you also to all of the people who have worked so hard to put Re-Venture together, Kim, Benny, Xu and all of the crew up in Hong Kong - we couldn't do it without you.
ashley wood