Photo Tsunami

Okay so it's probably a little bit of a misnomer to call this post "Photo Tsunami" as this post actually doesn't come with any photographs. Hello again, my name is T.P and yes folks it's that time of year all over again - SDCC!! Every year we blog it, some years are more successful attempts than others - this year though I think is going to be our best coverage yet since Ash and I have made plans for a photo tsunami!!! (Man, I love exclamation marks - they're so useful but not - don't email me your grammatical arguments plz!!) 

 So let's talk SDCC - first and foremost I would like to thank 3A Legion's Kimberley for helping make our up and coming photo onslaught possible. And then I would like to say a special thank you to the ThreeA team which this year includes the following guests: The amazing Phil Hale, Phil is flying in from the UK to sign his new book (produced by 3A) don't miss it, it's awesome. The irrepressible William Wray (he's an amazing fine artist based in LA). And last but certainly not least the incredible Rufus Dayglo. Rufus as many of you know is producing a new book through 3A entitled Solid Gold Death Mask - coming soon, also fab. A get well soon also goes out to Rufus' creative partner - we hope that you're home soon and that you feel better.

Now - I also want to mention a couple of things as they come to mind - 1) if you're a subscriber - we love you, hang in there, I know, I fill up your inbox like a crazy lady every year around this time. And 2) We're inking another movie deal this year - this one for LORE - (if you hang around the IDW booth who knows what action you might catch). However! - last year people took photos off of this blog and spread em around - fine it's the internet - yadda yadda, whatever, but if you are a commercial site/blog and you make money off of your entries (take note that this blog is advertisement free!!!) - mention where you got the photos - it's courtesy people nuff said.

Coming up soon NYC art exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery (October) and a smaller surprise happening (Decemberish) TBA. 

Get your signatures and sketches in this weekend if you're attending SDCC - Ash and I are working flat out on The Beautiful War project for the entire of 2013 - no if ands or buts and we're doing it from an as of yet undisclosed location - it's gonna make this blog pop - hint it's not Mars.
ashley wood