Wow, I could not have imagined what a fun exhilarating time I would have. Such a great response to the Levine show, I really felt for the first time in my life I'm doing OK, maybe I can make this art thing work.. Naturally that wore off quick and I'm already planning my next attempt to do some good work.

Of course these types of moments are not just a result of me making some pictures and letting the universe make it happen, I'm lucky enough to have a epic support system, from amazing, fun,interesting and inspiring supporters, to a gallery that was nothing but and backed up my work without any interjecting what could make a more popular and more commercial show!

A big shout to Scott Eder for having three great cats and letting me defile his bathroom!

Thanks to all who came and showed much love for me and Jeremy it was an honor.

But the biggest thanks goes to PAULA, without her support, wisdom and being my muse, none of this would have ever happened, not even close.

I hope I never wake up!


ashley wood