The Future of comics

I'm sure there will be many a nay sayer, but I believe the MGS digital comic from Konami is the first real shot in the comic revolution! A few years ago I was giving a talk at a convention and made the statement that in 10 years comics printed on paper would be defunct, not surprisingly the crowd booed, as many of you reading this probably are now.. No matter it's evolution, and one that 100 old-school fans linking hands will not stop.

Its always been a case of finding the new ground, if you start animating and laying voice acting down, it's a cartoon, not a comic.. Apart from not being comicky its damn expensive etc etc. How would people read them? Comics are portable, no one wants to read comics on their TV, or be stuck in front of their PC. Well today's tech is making it possible to have portability and give a quality platform for viewing, and we have only just begun.

Of course as it doesn't serve traditional publishing or distribution models, support will come slow in these quarters. The forward thinking will own the field when the slow finally arrive. The kids armed with After Effects, Garage and some nuts will beat us all to it.

Well I'm picking up the new flag, moving forward. This doesnt mean I'm stopping painting or making books, but it does mean I'm going to be a part of the future, I'll see you all there. I'm not the first, or only one to say this, I'm sure, but I just wanted to say it anyway.
ashley wood