Happy New Year

Damn 2006!!

My new year's resolutions list >

1 - Make better books/magazines.

2 - Make/help make a great videogame , well, at least start it's 23 year dev cycle.

3 - Put animated comics on the PSP etc. Its Pugwash all over again!

4 - PART 1 - Popbot will become the zietgiest, PART 2 - ill get a cartoon deal for 5 million, produce a watered down piece of shit and end up selling t-shirts at conventions.. ( Part 2 was a joke, so all you haters can go fuck yourselves with my artbooks, after leaching them for ideas of course! )

5 - Make Swallow bigger, better, more art, more diverse.

6- Superheroes with Joe Casey.

7 - Get more Toys made, A new popbot figure, Lady Sham is on her way soon, and I'm still going to release a line of robots!!

8 - Stop getting cats.

Happy new years
ashley wood