Popbot the greatest comic of all time !!

So, I spent this past weekend thinking about how I spend my time, well my art time at least... This time is damn precious to me, and frankly I don't feel I have been using it properly, I have spent to much time doing stuff I don't really care about, thought I did but nahhh, I didn't. So I'm going to throw aside the crap that's bogging me down and focus my sights on a few avenues, some a touch secretive , but one is Popbot. Now I love doing Popbot, I really get jazzed thinking about it, but Fuck me, I have neglected it, and that's stopping as of today. As of issue 8, its going bi monthly. Now before you lazy bastards cry BI MONTHLY that's crap what about monthly, well I say its a 48 page comic, so read one half when you get it, and the next half the following month, easy shit!

So Pop is going to happen more regularly , dry those tears of joy!

While I'm here, my favourite comic artists of all time are: Alex Toth, Jorge Zaffino, Jim Holdaway, George Herriman, and Vaughn Bode if you dont know of them, Google em, you won't be sorry. I'm inspired everyday by them.
ashley wood