Tank Girl

Here's a lil story, now wayyy back in the day, I had just bought the Stone Roses vinyl EP "Sally Cinnamon" and was passing by my local comic window, where I caught the sight of Deadline #12 or 13, the BUMPER issue with Tank Girl on cover. I nipped in, checked it out, was totaly chuffed by the comics and music combo, it felt like it was made for me. I read Tank Girl loved it, it was different to most comics I read, it had nuts, it made me laugh, I wanted to hang out with Alan Martin and Jaime Hewlett...good shit. As a side bar I had seen Mr Hewlett's work earlier as one page strips in a English computer game mag, the name eludes my siv of mind, but they were great as well. So there I was. Deadline mag in one hand, Stone Roses in the other, How fucking cool was I.. well I thought so. In fact that EP still rocks today, so does Deadline. Another sidebar, Deadline featured so many cool writers and artists it is hard to name them all, but my standouts were , Steve Dillon, Jaime Hewlett, Phillip Bond, Nick Abadzis.

Why this lil story, mmmm wait and see.. I'm excited.

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ashley wood