I have been uber busy, but I thought it would be cool to post a desktop capture of some of the pages from Popbot 7 ( out soon ), it's 1920x1600 so your getting the real deal, as I see it, woooo boooy!.

Hopefully I can announce some stuff soon, so keep checking back.

Will be putting some large paintings on bambaland in the next 24-48 hours, so if your infected bt the original art virus ( I am ) check it.

MMMM what else, oh yea, would anybody be interested in a book/dvd talking Art and the Biz of art, and how to go from sleeping on foam off cuts to a house by the beach with mercedes parked in the drive !!! ??? There seem to be a lot of books and DVD's by people, mostly mediocre waxing on about their shit.. are these cool, or wank pieces ?
ashley wood