painting stuff

Spent today knocking out a Popbot cover, it's oil on board... I find the more finished a painting is, when I put into Photoshop, these days it just makes for a better final image ( it will have nuances that cannot be captured any other way ). Everyone seems to be on converging paths via digital art, painter brush sets, layering like mad in photoshop, it is creating a ghetto of style. Whereas computers were once considered kinda arcane and sexy, there bloody boring now, a great tool, but it ain't the exciting unknown country it was... well to me... and this is my blog.

Grab a pencil, make a drawing, get it a bit dirty, creased whatever, scan it in, use it as is. Add no layers or bullshit, I bet people will ask you how you got the look, what photoshop filter is that etc. Use all the mediums available, do not become a slave to any.

End of sermon
ashley wood