Studio Snap

Starting at the left, well it has no name, and at the moment is tetering on being painted over. Im the middle is the beginnings of the Doomed #3 cover, and to the right a double page spread from popbot #8.

I have copies of the latest and last version of Grande Finale, and at last im kinda happy with it! It should be in stores very soon.

Ver Bamba is shaping up nicely, it will be in a 11"x11" format , highend paper and printing.. but hey its a Bambabook !

Im deep in the MGS MPO job, very pleased with how its going!

Looks like Im going to be working with Alan Martin on a cool project, shouldnt be too hard to figure out what.

Soleillllll, Soleilllllll, I wonder what their doing in Soleillllll tonight..?

StellaStarr* are great band, made the artwork flowwwww.

Lismore is a great band.
ashley wood