Drawin with tank girl...

Now for anyone who has seen my more recent original art, you will notice on the ink drawings there are no pencil under drawings. The reason for this is two fold, 1_my wanting to speed up my output, and I don't fancy drawing things twice. 2-the desire to force myself to draw better, no safety nets of under drawings. When I first started this, the results were varied, and influnced more by sheer luck than skill. Over the last 4 years I have seen my drawing ability get better and the general quality of my line work improve.

I really recommend everyone giving it a go. maybe it will help, maybe it will drive you to an early grave. Some artists that I respect for their ink skills are Joe Kubert, Jim Holdaway, Alex Nino, and Alberto Breccia. Go check em out if you dont know their work.

Regarding the Tank Girl illo, I started it with no real idea of where I was going. I began drawing the helmet and took it from there, misfired on the legs ,but nothing a shot of whiteout cant fix.
ashley wood