Some ZvR prequel stuff, as in Dairain Aventure 3 !

Speaking of Dairain, I just saw some prototype work on the upcoming 12" Les Mort 13 figure.. Getting figures made has been a tough run so far. I have finally found a top bunch of guys that have the experience and skill to bring my robots and other characters to life. You will be able to check em out at SDCC in July and of course images will be posted on this blog.

48+ nudes should be in stores soon, I am very proud of the book, but if your afraid of nudity dont buy it !

Ill be at SDCC this year, hanging around the IDW booth, so please drop by and tell me how much you adore me ! or not...

And just so you know, my long time coming book, "Art and Ideas" book, is well, still coming... it will be worth the wait...

Oh yea, the Popbot movie is moving along well, with some exciting stuff to see soon!

blah blah..


ashley wood