A Bamberlass announcement

San Diego Con is just around the corner and Ash and I have decided to do something a little different this year. Usually people tune into Ash’s blog expecting new pictures and a few words, however from the 24th of July through to the end the Con we will be putting this blog into overdrive. It’s not enough that we get to go along and experience the cacophony and the clusterfuck surrounding San Diego Con, this year we have decided to take you all with us, (no we’re not paying your airfares, but you can read about and enjoy the journey right here).

In order for this to work, the artist of few words will be temporarily replaced by the artist’s wife, (me), a woman of many words, so expect a few tomes from the 24th onwards. Visuals will be coming at you from Ash, as always, but this year you’ll be seeing the Con through the eyes of his camera instead of his brush. Everything that is cool will be photographed and posted along with descriptions, anecdotes and pictures of artists and people you’re probably not going to see anywhere else.

Barring any technical difficulties we plan to make this San Diego Con one that we can share with all of you who cannot make it this year or may not have been before.

See you all there… TP Louise
ashley wood