Live Art!

What a show! Ash got back to his hotel room completely knackered and covered in gold paint. The club was small, loud and packed to the gills. With live DJ's and a live Rap act the club went off. Ash painted two large canvases, the second of which was a collaboration with artist Scott Morse. The atmosphere was lively and extremely upbeat with the audience cheering the artists' every move.

Ash attended this event for the first time this year and it was a total buzz. He spent two hours up the front of the club with his fellow artists Scott Morse, Food One, David Mack and Dumper Foo who painted their asses off for the appreciative crowd.

We'd like to thank everyone involved for what turned out to be an excellent night.

Oh yeah and I'd like to thank Ash's Japanese crew who had the good sense to take him out for a light meal of sushi before the show. A big shout out to Rick and Yumiko from JEA, come out to Australia and see us soon.
ashley wood