SDCC Begins...

The SDCC officially starts this Wednesday night, Ash's bags are packed and the con reports will start soon. If you are going to the show and are interested in seeing Ash's large original paintings then head over to the Scott Eder booth where these will be on display. If you can't make it Ash will take pictures which will be posted here in the coming days.

The only downside to the convention this year is that due to the travelling schedule, Ash was unable to attend the MGS 20th anniversary party at the Ritz in Tokyo. However we would like to take a moment to congratulate Kojima-San and Team Kojima and all of the team at Konami Japan on this milestone event.

The picture accompanying this post is of a 14 inch Bertie Robot, which will also be on display along with his black ops cousins. Again there will be more pictures of Bertie at the show so stay tuned.
ashley wood