SDCC Wednesday

This post is sans images due to a Wi fi technical difficulty - photos of the con should start tomorrow.

SDCC 2007 is now officially open for business and word is that the con is attracting record sized crowds. The atmosphere inside the hall was hot and sweaty and there is already a whole lot of shoving going on. If you're planning to attend this year's con, as always, be super mindful if you're taking your kids.

This evening Ash attended the premier screening of Neil Gaiman's Beowulf. According to Ash the movie was a brilliant piece of work and anyone and everyone who gets the chance should go and see it. The screening was in CG and in 3D and was quite the special event, Ash's final word on the movie is that it is stunning and of the high quality you would expect with anything that Neil Gaiman is involved with. Neil spoke about the script at the premier, an added treat for fans.

Ash also spent some of the day catching up with old friends, in this case Imaginary Friends! For those of you who don't already know, the Imaginary Friends are a brilliant studio based in Singapore, they have a book of their work out this year in time for the con so hunt it down. Ash also caught up with his homeslice Ben Templesmith, both Ash and Tempie will be appearing at the IDW booth throughout the con.

The day was topped off with another sweet treat for Ash who purchased a beautiful piece of Dave McKean art.

More tomorrow and hopefully with photos this time...
ashley wood