Todays sightings include... Howard Chaykin. I remember when we first came to America to live for the first time and we took a trip up to Los Angeles to meet Howard Chaykin. Ash has always loved Chaykin's work and so to meet him at that time, go to his house and have lunch at a swanky eatery was something special and we've never forgotten. So it was nice to see him again.

A couple of years later we ran into Howard at the SDCC, at the time he was walking around with the amazing Will Eisner who despite his advancing age always had something distinctly sprightly and teenager about him. I remember this meeting not only because we'd run into Chaykin again but because Eisner, who refused to stay stuck in the past, had bought a computer tablet to experiment with and was complaining about it's new fangledness and to take out his frustration (purely in jest) he decided to hit Ash over the head with it, I'll never forget that either because it was simply hillarious.

Other sightings included writer Brett Lewis and artist John Paul Leon, creators of the comic The Wintermen. Ash maintains that The Wintermen is a seminal work that everyone should hunt down and read. Pure brilliance.

And speaking of things to read and enjoy please do not forget that the Image 24/7 Robot book is now available, Ash is a contributor to this book, he got a hold of a copy of that book today and he thinks it's really good - so don't miss out.
ashley wood