Ahhh Grendel, in my flu state I took some time to revisit some old comics, most seemed kinda lame or just plain crappy. But Grendel still seemed fresh and vital, from the Pander bros, to awesome Matt Wagner illustrated issues 16-19, to the final Tim Sale issues. All are great, real good, a mix of action vampires and sexual overtones... Cool stuff. I still remember getting my first ever issue, I had ridden my bike for 20 minutes to the local mega mall hunting comics, Marvel and DC stuff.. I was tearing through the comic racks as you do, when I spied Grendel #7, the wrap around cover was the first thing that blew my mind, the airbrushed colors were just so fucking cool ( I was a kid, airbrushes are cool to kids ). Taking a flick through it I was soon smitten, it was kinda weird and sleasy, violent and strange. My comic taste grew up that day, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Years and years and well years later, I got to draw a short Grendel story for Grendel Black, White and Red, I still would like to do an epic Grendel with Matt Wagner one day.. fingers crossed.

Go and buy those first 40 issues of Grendel, you won't regret it !

Oh yeah, if you like the picture, it will be on Bambaland soon, under original art.
ashley wood