Post San Diego Flu...

Have you ever been to a really big party and come away with a doggy bag only to wonder what’s inside? Well if you’ve ever been to an SDCC you will know that inside that mysterious doggy bag is usually at least one bout of knock down drag out flu. Every year people gear up for the SDCC and then hunker down through it only to fall down a week afterwards with the buboes.

I remember attending one convention when Ash was working with Todd McFarlane and wondering why Beau Smith, who was working there at the time, was seemingly addicted to hand sanitiser… did he have a Howard Hughes like fixation with germs or was he indeed playing it smart? Smart is my guess.

So while everyone we know recovers from the flu… we say take it easy, at least there’s not another SDCC for another year.

In the meantime, there is at least one guy I know of who works while he’s sick… Ash completed Tank Girl this week and is uploading all of the art for the final Tank Girl episode as I write. Also Metal Gear Solid is coming to an end, not that Snake would ever get the flu, you sneeze near the guy and he’d break your neck (or inspect your dewberries). Ash has had awesome fun working on both titles and who knows what the future will hold for the both of them.
ashley wood