Team Zombie French Invasion

We're happy to announce that Chris Ryall is now joining the crew for our November French invasion!
Yes, the Eisner losing team of Ryall and Wood are set to unleash their signing (and sketching) hands at Valenciennes France on the 18th and 19th of November.

Now we have looked this place up and it's within driving distance of a lot of major jumping off points for both fans and francophiles alike from the UK. So if you're a fan from the UK and you feel like paying the crew a visit and behaving like a complete Le Ros Bif! for the weekend - start planning now!

For those of you who are too posh to leave Paris - please come and see Ash, Chris Ryall, Ben Templesmith and all the crew at Album in Paris. The signing starts at 3pm on the 21st of November.

For more information log onto:
ashley wood