Nom info

Nom de Plume ( WWR release 2 ) will go on sale Wednesday 25th June, actual time... who knows, and that's 25th June Hong Kong time.

There will only be 50 editions of Nom, he will not be released in this guise again ever, EVER !

He will only be available from

There will be a limit 1 per customer

Nom will cost $120usd plus 30 dollars flat shipping worldwide, he will be shipped EMS courier which is completely trackable . The price combined is $150usd.

You will get a free 3A t-shirt so you can dress like Nom, now that's cool...

Get the first ever 3A release...

An email will be sent to all WWR list members and Bambalandstore customers as soon as Nom is available for sale.

All unpaid orders will be recycled instantly so that no Noms are trapped in limbo...
ashley wood