In Transit

Transit... transit... transit...

I'm officially starting our SDCC blog right now and I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who subscribes to the blog, has supported us through the years and has kept a vested interest in Ash's work. This year is a particularly special one, without a doubt our biggest ever. This year's con sees Ash turning up with a very large guest courtesy of "Rothchild" and 3A, it also sees the release of quite a collection of hardcover books which will debut at the con, not to worry if you can't make it, they will available everywhere after that. We've also got a ton of photographs coming up. Keep it here and you'll hopefully get to see the hubbub without the crush of the crowds, the heat and the sweat. The warmth and sunshine should at least be a welcome change for Ash, we've had the gas heater on all week in the studio, it snowed on Monday!
ashley wood