Red Letter Day

The IDW party was huge, with about a thousand people in attendance. Everyone who was anyone was there, (including some really exciting surprise guests (who were there unannounced) and we need their permission to post those photos and then Ash took a whole bunch of photos (in the dark!) I should have sent him in there with a bunch of illustration boards and a paint box and the images would have at least represented something!!! Oh my goodness Woody you're going to have to pull it together tomorrow.

So today was a red letter day for us for other reasons. SDCC is a special time of year for people in this industry, there's just something about the atmosphere that comes to San Diego when the SDCC is on that truly makes the place seem especially magical at convention time. Every year people sell their spare stuff on Ebay, save up their paychecks, beg their Moms for money just to go and why? Because it's a happy place and no matter how large and Hollywood it gets when you walk out into Seaport Village and find a spot on the grass to eat a good old fashioned American Hamburger with a bag of fries and a plastic cup full of lite beer, you just get that convention happy feeling and it's addictive. It's special. Besides, it's not everyday you can sit and have a Ben and Jerry's on the green with Darth Vader is it?

Our first con was in 95 and every year that we've been since, there's been some special memory or other to put in the book, our oldest son took his first steps at Comicon! And this year our youngest pulled out his first word, I'm not grumpy about it but for the record it was "Daddy".

So for the kid in all of us out there, I am posting an obligatory Stormtrooper shot. I'm sure that there are other sites that'll be posting a stormtrooper money shot somewhere. Why it is that a member of the Imperials always ends up getting caught on film relieving themselves at least once every con is beyond me. So onto tomorrow, best foot forward and hopefully with more pics.
ashley wood