An Update

Have been on holiday, taking some time to relax before a tidal wave of work hits.

The ongoing WWR comic will debut jan 2009, it will be monthly until Joe and me think otherwise. It will really expand the WWR world and the way of doing comics.

The Pre-order for Noir de Plume and Bramble will hit very soon so keep ya eyes peeled, as always WWR list members will get an email the moment they go onsale, to enlist email >> <<. The run of each Bramble variant, will be 200. There will be 3 variation's of Bramble.

Also coming soon from 3A toys are Zombies vs Robots 12" figs and Popbot related 12" figures.

Books that will be hitting soon from me are 48 More Nudes, Dos Taurino. Also Swallow 5 featuring a bunch of fantastic artists !

back soon....
ashley wood