An Update

Super busy here, juggling family, art, and everything else is really stretching my time so the blog might seem kinda slow, but very cool things are going on, Extreme Finale is being printed as I type, it's a combo of Grane Finale and Sencilla Finale with edit's and around 100 or new pics.. 760 page brick of a book.... 48 more nudes and Dos Taurino are out on the shelf's. The MGS book featuring seen and unseen MGS art from comics to games from me will be out in Jan.

3A will be offering the Tomorrow Kings pre-order in the last week of Nov, 120 bucks shipped to your door via EMS. TK comes with a large ass severed robot head. Images and what-not very soon.

Resistance 2 for the PS3 is a very awesome game, so is Gears of War 2, they both feature great art direction and really thoughtful lighting and atmospherics... wish I had more time to play them !

More art from upcoming projects soon, for now some shots taken around the studio..
ashley wood