3AASSOCIATES membership


California 2pm 14th of jan wednesday

London uk 10pm 14th of jan wednesday

5pm NYC! 14TH jan wednesday

9am 15th january AEST australia

Each member will receive >

*Desert Attack WWRP Bramble, exclusive to 3AA. It will not be offered again.
*15% discount on 3A product at www.bambalandstore.com for 12 months starting January 17th 2009.
*3AA T-shirt, please state preferred size in paypal message box. we cannot guarantee exact size availability. first come first served.
*Early pre-order status. An email with pre-order link will be sent out prior to the standard pre-order date for early ordering. Product still subject to availability and you must set your spam filters to allow email from 3A etc.
*Access to 3AA Club exclusive toys and esoterica.
*Membership card that will probably not get you laid but its worth a try.
*3A's admiration !

Shipping: late feb/early march.

read carefully !

Non Transferable
Expires in 12 months, you will have the choice to renew at a given time.
There will limits to all 3A stock, we cannot guarantee availability, though we will do our best !
ashley wood