Junkers WWR vol 2

They call us Junkers... Nice huh? Though in a way they are probably right in their assessment.

Those lucky ones who dwell on Mars have no religion, only science, and the alpha’s they left behind on earth still have plenty, way too much. The would-be Martians blasted off into space decades ago now, well before my generation was born. The architects of the migration decided not to fight, but to leave and forge a new world on Mars. There were of course failings in this plan, as there always are. For one, the battle between opposing ideals did not end just because one party left, it festered and boiled under the surface of civility, finally arrupting in War between worlds. Then there's the second failure, one that effects me directly, by leaving earth the Neo Martians also left behind future generations who think as they do, limited in number by all accounts but abandoned all the same. They call us Junkers because well, we use outdated space-junk, Sov, Chinese, Aussie, we use it all in an attempt to join like minded brothers on Mars. We all know the risks, we tinker and build our vessels until that day that we are ready to make our own pilgrimage to Mars.

ENDWIRED Tuesday April 16

The Dallas night was aglow with yet another suspected Junker pilgrimage to Mars coming to a crashing halt. Tex Commissioner Privman stated that the Junkers choose flight paths that intersect the most populated regions, so that if failure occurs ( as of now, a 97% rate ) massive carnage will always ensue, again reminding us what shallow, selfish, godless heathens the Neo Martians are and our mission to save them cannot falter.
ashley wood