Automatic Kafka

I received a copy of the Norma Editorial Automatic Kafka hardcover today, to say I enjoyed making this comic with Joe Casey is a massive understatement. This is my Watchmen, Joe and me really put our hearts and souls into this, and is actually a very layered story which was canceled well before its conclusion. Of course it was panned from the get-go, reviewers followed each others lead and wrote it off as drivel traditionally a good sign in my books.

But Joe and me carried on, we knew it was special, and still do. I think it has more fans now then then ?

This book pretty much ended my career at DC/Wildstorm, not such a bad thing, but my dreams of Batman were taken out back and shot three time in the head. :)

I dont Speak to Joe much these days, infact hardly anyone from that period ( none actually ), but regardless this book made me And Joe brothers in war to bring something different to US superhero comics. A big tip of the hat to a great writer Joe fucking Casey.

So yup, no Engish version of a AK trade on the Horizon, and shit me and Joe have tried, but there are always some excuse like >> no one likes you and Joe, it didnt and wont sell being the standard response , I guess these excuses dont spread to foreign publishers...

Still I have a hardcover book of AK, it doesnt matter that I cant read the language coz I know what it says in heart, and today that makes me feel great.
ashley wood