Back From Japan

Just got back from Japan, the Wonder Festival in Chiba for the detail orientated.

I totally feel like the luckiest guy on Earth, I get to make art, toys, visit cool places and meet awesome people, I know everyone loves their Facebook, Twitter and whatnot, but the 3A Legion is the greatest Social Network ever, because it's not virtual and clandestine, but real and in the flesh, and that cannot be beat! I had probably only 1 or 2 friends in school,I was a computer nerd, comic geek, loser etc, didn't fit the mold. But now, I can have dinner with 30 like minded people in foreign countries, ( so in your face school people whose names I cannot remember ), that blows my mind.

It always sucks to feel left-out, fighting alone with your back to the wall. It's cool to have the Legion, and other interested parties in what I and TP do, I don't feel like a tool so much these days!... well maybe a little...

But enough emo rambling, time to work and shit. Paintings have to be painted !

Thanks to everyone, who take time to look, read and take interest. the Nabler says thanks too....

and here is a video of me sketching in Japan, with ThreeZero watching to the right of me, not looking too impressed either, I'm not fond of showing my face etc, but here it goes.

I'm really whacked out tired, so if this spiel doesn't make sense... well..

ashley wood