Update from TP

There are so many new followers on this blog since I last popped up and took it over and so, hello my name is TP and I occasionally blog on Ash's behalf, (about once or twice a year).

So here's the news...

We invite you to join us for two very special exhibitions!

The first, (and more intimate show), will be taking place at the fabulously stylish, GALLERIE DANIEL MAGHEN in Paris, France starting on the 4th of May and running right through to the 21st 2011. This exhibition will feature paintings and drawings in small to medium sizes, (and us!).

The second exhibition will be taking place at the amazing JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY in New York City in the last quarter of 2012. This exhibition will be a joint showing with the awe inspiring Mr. Jeremy Geddes. The Levine Gallery is a much larger space and the paintings for this show will be much, much bigger and will hopefully make you go... Oooh!


We're in Japan this weekend and hope to blog it but we're not promising anything - so if we post any pics from Japan, we hope you're all pleasantly surprised. If you're in Tokyo come along to Wonderfest and say hello, it's on for one day only, Sunday.

SDCC is a goer also - Ash is an official guest this year - thanks to SDCC.

Huge 3A news coming soon...

And huge, creatively chunky, Aussie related news coming soon too!

Stay tuned,

ashley wood