Ashley Wood Gallery store

The store is open. Its a new system is new to us, I'm sure there will be minor issues and problems, items are naturally very limited and even though you have it your cart, the store doesn't register the sale to you until paypal send a paid confirmation to the store etc. So yea, you could could miss out, we dont want sad faces but we cannot control this.
We will stagger all sales of prints because me and TP cannot keep up with too much volume, as prints go into the shipping process we will offer more etc.

Most times an article will go into shipping within 5 working days barring any shipping supply issues etc

Thanks as always for looking and taking an interest, I'm very fortunate to be able to follow my muse and have a audience, its never forgotten or taken for granted !

Check back now then for updates and whatnot, I have no idea in what ill offer, its a work on progress !
ashley wood