T-Shirts and Sandviches!

This year we have our own booth space for ThreeA and there is one product there that I was kinda worried about shipping. Ash decided earlier in the year to make the T-Shirt container look just like a tank shell and I said to him at the time - "Customs is going to stop that and we're going to get a bill in the mail!" To my surprise the container didn't worry anyone and our samples got through....

One week later... we were expecting samples for the Valve Sandvich. Let's face it if you love Heavy as much as we love Heavy... you can't be a girly man.. you just gotta have a sandvich. So we waited, nothing arrived and we waited, nothing arrived and then we got a notice and a bill in the mail... seems that the quarantine dept. had scanned our package and found something in the shape of a... well a Sandvich! We eventually got the package... but we also had to pay the bill... quarantine checks it seems are not free.

ashley wood