Prints for Supanova

After trying to make prints on my "rumored" to be epic but sadly not large format laser printer ( i fucked it up with 500gsm paper ) I decided to make the A3 approx prints  giclees instead with my trusty epson 9900, the price is still the same 20 bucks coz im a gentleman!, but the quality is just like my other giclee's etc. there are three prints and each has an edition of six!

I was just told that im just an boring local opening act on Sunday at Supanova, my dreams of the international headliner for Saturday have been dashed! Ill try and see if I can do a signing on Saturday too, ill update here!

attached is a image of all three prints, plus a test print I knocked while at the studio fiddling around with the Supanova prints.

see some of you guys soon!

ashley wood