Got to varnish the landscape today, always great to slap on the varnish and know its a done deal, also started a witch painting, very early but thought I would share, gotta look like im down with social media!

I was also thinking today just how fucking great it is to be artist ( and yea, im not waiting for anyone to say I am, im claiming that shit ), the hard years, the easier years, all sum up such a great time, a worthwhile time, leaving evidence of one's idea's for other to find is a epic thing!

Anyway if you thinking of a gig in the arts, whether its making images, writing or music etc, do it, fuck the nay sayers, tell the doubting parents to piss off, follow your path, live it, fuck the so called real world with its wars, violence and general lack of care, fuck it to hell and be an artist and make a brand new world, even if your its only population!

Just make the fucking art!

ashley wood