By T.P. Louise

A Candlelands novel

The world of entertainment is in chaos. Ninety percent of all acting appearances, on both stage and screen, are now carried out by digital Idols. One hundred percent of scandal sheets, celebrity magazines and muckraking websites are out of business. Seventy percent of all appearances in the adult entertainment industry are now carried out by digital porn actresses with body measurements akin to a fashion doll. Real life flesh and blood performers are facing the worst unemployment crisis in the history of acting.

A week of peaceful protest is called for by the Actors’ Guild, to highlight the plight of unemployed and overlooked actors everywhere but when a shadowy lobby group known as Actors’ Alive begins behaving like a cult and a splinter group of actors breaks away and forms their own terror cell, things begin to take a dramatic turn for the worst.

In amongst all of this struggle Virgil X, the corporation responsible for the creation of the digital Idols, is facing a crisis of its own. Due to over adherence to the financial demands of their shareholders, Grey Taverner, the CEO of Virgil X, begins to rid the company of critical oversight and the mental health of their A.I. begins to warp as a result. As Virgil X holds their own against a tide of violent protestors, their willingness to cut corners in order to gain an even greater market share, unwittingly unleashes an evil intelligence into the world.

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